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Keeping up with the latest lighting trends

The lighting industry has experienced a surge of innovation over the last decade. All of the movement can make it easy to feel left behind.

If the aesthetics of your space are important to your business operation, the last thing you want is lighting that looks outdated. But how do you keep up with the trends without becoming yoked to lighting trend publications? And how do you avoid overspending on lighting when there are so many other areas to consider?

There are a few key things to consider:
  1. Work with a distributor that has wide manufacturer connections
    Different manufacturers specialize in different products and looks. If your distributor has relationships with multiple manufacturers, they’re far more likely to know about the latest looks and innovations.
  2. Be patient with first-to-market products
    Unless you absolutely need to have a new look, it’s best to wait for second iterations of new products, like filament LED bulbs, for example. This will allow time for the product to come down in price, as supply increases. Furthermore, subsequent iterations are more likely to be free of the kinks which might hamper the initial innovation.
  3. Make room in the budget for the right specifications
    Lighting is like most things –– it’s really hard to get both the lowest pricing and the most up-to-date look. The lowest-end lighting products look out of date. But you can attain good aesthetics without breaking the bank, so long as your company accepts the fact that the lowest cost product probably isn’t the best choice.

Regency has access to a wide variety of products from hundreds of manufacturers, and we vet new products before they flood the market, negotiating the best pricing we can for our customers.

We do our best to stay on top of the latest developments in the lighting industry over at our Lighting Insights blog.

Are you considering a lighting upgrade? Our lighting retrofit team can help you maximize savings for your project.

Are you designing new locations? Our lighting design team has the expertise to help you design for maximum efficiency and return.

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