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Unpredictable or out-of-control lighting maintenance costs

When it comes to car maintenance, simply reacting to problems will only cause more problems. That’s why you get your oil changed and tires rotated regularly –– proactively –– rather than waiting for your car to breakdown.

The same goes for lighting maintenance.

A reactive approach will lead to unpredictable problems and costs. A scheduled maintenance program, meanwhile, brings unprecedented levels of reliability, efficiency, and consistency –– visually and financially.

We’ve seen lighting maintenance headaches cured by a good dose of these best practices:
  1. Keep product stocked
    The best way to improve the chances of one-call resolution on a maintenance request is to stock common products at each of your locations. A good lighting maintenance provider should recommend commonly used products that will set their technicians up for success.
  2. Strive for strong attention to detail
    Lighting maintenance involves managing an enormous number of variables –– from schedules, to regional differences, to product specification, to electrical system troubleshooting. Great lighting maintenance providers ensure their technicians are well-trained in what to look for while on-site and know how to diagnose electrical system problems.
  3. Consider a re-lamp or retrofit in the event of frequent failure
    The reality is that the right product in the right application will most likely result in less maintenance. If you can move to more efficient, easier to maintain products, you will reap the benefits in reduced maintenance costs, reduced energy costs, and more consistent visuals across your organization. (Many of the latest and greatest LED products have a three to five year warranty that a quality maintenance provider will make sure you take advantage of.)

Regency has worked tirelessly to dial in lighting maintenance for its customers in order to give them consistent, reliable lighting levels day-in and day-out. But maintenance is maintenance –– it is built on the premise that problems will happen and solutions are needed. We do our best to limit problems and predict burnouts before they happen.

Are there particular commercial lighting maintenance challenges you’re trying to overcome that you could use some guidance on? Our team of lighting specialists have forged a number of strategic approaches to maintaining lighting for top-notch performance and efficiency. They’re here to help.

Are you considering a lighting upgrade? Our lighting retrofit team can help you maximize savings for your project.

Are you designing new locations? Our lighting design team has the expertise to help you design for maximum efficiency and return.

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