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Project schedule delays

For every problem a new LED product solves with its long life rating and efficiency, it seems to cause another, thanks to notoriously long lead times and unpredictable manufacturer stock levels. Because so many LED products are made to order, it’s not uncommon to be faced with debilitating six-or-eight-week lead times, knocking your project timeline off the rails.

Is there a solution for this common problem? Is there no way to expedite lead times and ensure timely delivery for the lighting products you need to complete your new construction projects?

Here are some key practices that can help to solve the all-too-common lead time problem:
  • Engage lighting professionals early in the specification process
    When lighting professionals are brought into the specification process early on, not only are you likely to face fewer problems down the road with design compatibility, but you can get a head start on lead times for both the workhorse lighting and those custom fixtures that are meant to be focal points in your space.
  • Make sure your lighting provider or general contractor can project manage the order and delivery process
    With so many moving parts in a lighting project, it’s easy for details to slip through the cracks or to lack the time to follow up with manufacturers to drive the fulfillment process. Dedicated project management is an essential part of pulling off the lighting portion of a project without a hitch.
  • Work with a national lighting distributor that has a wide range of manufacturer relationships
    National distributors are able to openly source the best lighting solutions on the market for your specific applications and deadlines, providing not only competitive pricing, but also expert, non-biased product recommendations that are based on reliability and lead times. If the product originally specified carries a lead time that has you pushing deadlines on your construction project, it’s easiest for a distributor with untied hands to find an alternative product that will arrive within your time constraints.

Regency has built a solid reputation over the last few decades by delivering projects on-time and on-budget. With an experienced design team which leads the industry in specification expertise, a customer-first project management team, rock-solid manufacturer relationships, and national buying power, mitigating lead time issues is one way that we set our customers up for success.

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