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Deciding which distributor model makes sense

Lighting doesn’t need to be any more complex than it already is, but things often get tricky when there are multiple points of contact involved. When your company is using different general contractors for multiple store rollouts across the country, or across a region, things can get hairy with the lighting, resulting in different looks store to store.

We’ve seen companies give contractors free rein to choose products that seem to match the original specification, but this is a risky proposition, to be sure. We’ve seen customers create a national lighting purchasing program with a single distributor, through which contractors buy product. And then we’ve had customers purchase lighting product directly from a distributor, making an in-house employee responsible for coordination.

How do you decide which model is best for your company?

As a national lighting distributor, we have the logistical means to ensure identical product specification from store to store, no matter where in the country you’re opening. Furthermore, our skilled project managers and lighting specialists have experience working with all of those setups and our design team thrives at working with architects on the front end of your project to ensure that the lighting you want is well planned for and attainable.

Our project managers are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient in an effort to make things easier for our customers.

Are you considering a lighting upgrade? Our lighting retrofit team can help you maximize savings for your project.

Are you designing new locations? Our lighting design team has the expertise to help you design for maximum efficiency and return.

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