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Selecting the best lighting products for my application

The proliferation of LED as a lighting technology has given you a nearly endless number of products to choose from for each and every socket in your building. It’s hard to know where to begin.

Here are some key considerations when you’re facing a complicated product decision:
  • Is the manufacturer proven?
    With the pace of innovation in lighting products, there’s comfort in knowing that you have a strong brand backing the claims of the new long-life lighting products you’re considering. And no matter how reputable a given manufacturer may be, zeroing in on just one product can leave you handcuffed on pricing, lead times, and options. It may be tempting to avoid the myriad of options by working with only one manufacturer, but it’s important to weigh products from multiple against one another when you’re looking for competitive pricing and features. With the rapid pace of innovation in lighting, you want a trustworthy brand backing the performance claims of the products you’re considering.
  • Plot out your goals
    What are you trying to accomplish with your lighting project? A long-life maintenance solution? Monthly savings? A low-upfront-cost replacement?Whatever they are, having a clear picture of your intended goal will help you narrow the field of options more quickly. But how do you make a final decision? You work with professionals who can keep tabs on all of the latest developments and ensure that the product you specify is tailor-made for your application.
  • Perform a mock-up
    There’s no better way to know whether or not you’ll be pleased with the final specification than to perform a physical mock-up. If you’re retrofitting lighting in an existing space, bring in your top two or three product choices and install them on one side of the room while leaving your existing lighting on the other side. If you’re building out a new space, perform a mock-up by testing multiple specifications in the raw space or in a lab to ensure the lighting is just right. Work with your lighting designer and architect to ensure that the specification you’ve agreed to has been used successfully in similar applications before.

We know that when projects go awry, your name and reputation is on the line. Don’t worry. We have leveraged our access to national pricing and a wide range of product lines to help customers avoid over-budget, behind-schedule projects that end up looking flat or outright bad.

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