Does Title 24 apply to me?

An interactive guide on California’s Title 24 Building Code

Are you in the process of building a new facility, remodeling or retrofitting your lighting? If your project is located in California, the latest Title 24 building codes may apply to you. Use our interactive guide below to help determine if Title 24 applies to you. If you need additional assistance meeting Title 24, we are happy to help.

Please note that this guide is designed to give an overview of when Title 24 applies, but it is not intended to be a definitive answer. Please consult with a lighting professional for a thorough evaluation to determine if Title 24 applies to you.

Our lighting specialists can help you navigate the complexity of California’s Title 24 building codes. If you are unsure of whether the latest codes apply to you or need assistance in meeting the new code, we can help.

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