The Regency Lighting Story

Values-driven and people-centered.

Regency Lighting is a family-owned and operated company started by childhood friends Mike Goldstone and Ron Regenstreif. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on building a company that doesn’t compromise its priorities in the pursuit of growth. Learn more about our company, values, culture, and causes here.

It seems like everyone is talking about corporate culture, but is it more than a buzzword? We'd love to share our perspective.
We are committed to living out our values in every interaction with our clients, vendors, colleagues, and communities.
Our values not only influence our behavior toward customers and staff, but also extend to our community, country, and the world.

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It all started with two best friends…

When we look back over our 30 year history, we are both amazed and reminded of God’s goodness. Our founders’ personal faith has been the cornerstone of our business, as they have applied our core values to their every decision. We are thankful for the company we have become and look forward to continuing to grow our business.

The Company Timeline

  • February 1981

    And So the Story Begins

    Regency Enterprises, Inc. began marketing home insulation and solar hot water systems.

  • April 1983

    Lifting Our Sales

    The d.b.a., Regency Lighting, was formed, and our first two sales representatives were hired.

  • March 1986

    And Away We Grow

    Regency Lighting became an Osram Sylvania distributor. Posted revenues were $2.5 million.

  • 1988

    And Grow

    Regency Lighting became an exclusive Osram Sylvania distributor with revenues of $4.95 million.

  • 1994

    A Second Location

    Regency Lighting became a regional lighting distributor by opening its second location in Northern California. Revenues grew to $10.9 million.

  • 1995

    Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas Offices

    Offices were opened in both Atlanta and Dallas, launching Regency into the national marketplace. Posted revenues were $12.9 million.

  • 1999

    New Vendor and New Service

    Regency Lighting expanded our line by becoming a Philips Lighting distributor and expanded our service offering by launching our Construction Service division to support the construction needs of our existing national clients.

  • 2000

    Prioritizing Expertise

    Regency Lighting hired our first lighting designer to bring a greater level of expertise to our Construction Services division and provide visual and technical support to our Construction Services clients.

  • 2001

    New York/New Jersey Office

    A fifth Regency Lighting location was opened to service the New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas and annual revenues were $37.7 million.

  • 2005

    New Office and New Division

    We opened our sixth location in Orlando, FL, with revenues of $62.6 million, and at the end of 2005, we launched our Maintenance Services division to support the maintenance needs of our existing national clients..

  • 2007

    Preparing for the Coming LED Explosion

    Regency Lighting launched our Energy Services division to prepare for the impact of LED on our industry and to assist our clients with simple and reliable retrofit solutions that look great and maximize financial benefit.

  • 2009

    Denver, Colorado Office Opens

    Regency Lighting opened its seventh location in Denver, Colorado. Posted revenues were $88.3 million.

  • 2010

    On the Move

    Regency Lighting moved to new corporate offices in Chatsworth, CA and in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, we had the privilege of helping Joni and Friends manufacture the first Regency Pediatric Wheelchair with prison labor provided by Taft Prison. Posted revenues were $91 million.

  • 2011

    Earth Matters

    Regency Lighting successfully navigated multiple and significant price increases due to shortage of rare earth materials. Posted revenues were $112 million.

  • 2012

    Amsterdam Office Opens

    Regency Lighting was awarded the business of one of our largest retail customers to date, increasing our posted revenues to $130 million. Regency Lighting opened our first international office in Amsterdam.

  • 2013

    Making the Grade and Giving Back

    Regency Lighting grew to 319 employees and was named #60 in the Electrical Wholesaler’s “Top 200 Electrical Distributors List.” Regency Lighting also completed fundraising for the Regency Home for Young Men for ZOE International in Thailand.

  • 2014

    Ready for the Future

    Regency Lighting opened our ninth location in Seattle, WA and grew to more than 330 employees while posting record revenues.

  • 2015

    On the Move

    Regency Lighting acquires electrical wholesaler AllSale Electric to position for strategic growth and product line expansion.

  • 2016

    Investing in the Future

    AllSale Electric leased building across from Regency Lighting headquarters. Significant work on the first Regency Orphanage in Haiti and the Turnaround building project in Atlanta.

  • 2017

    Making an Impact

    AllSale Electric moved to its new location across from Regency Lighting headquarters. The Regency Orphanage was completed, welcoming 85 children to their new home. Charitable work continued with new projects in Haiti, including a vocational training center.

  • 2018

    Planning for Growth

    Continued steps toward consistent, sustainable growth. Evan Regenstreif and Isaac Regenstreif step into CEO and COO roles, Regency Lighting launches its new ecommerce website to make lighting purchases easier, and Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric open the first dual location in San Diego.

  • 2019

    Strategic Clarity

    Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric gained clarity on values, passion, and niche in the industry, while facing industry changes, international trade uncertainties, and strategic decisions.

  • 2020

    Focus on Resilience

    Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric faced the COVID-19 pandemic with careful action and a long-term focus. New product lines helped our customers fight the pandemic, and the Los Angeles locations were consolidated under one roof.

Our history tells a part of our story, but you may also be interested in learning more about the way we operate our business.

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