Our Culture

Focusing on what matters.

Culture. The word has been defined in so many different ways and used in so many different contexts that its meaning and significance can feel cloudy. At Regency, we’re clear about this much: culture matters.


Culture in a corporate setting shapes every aspect of our working environment. We define corporate culture as the synthesis of the vision, values, and practices we share.

While we want harmony in our culture —— vision, values, and practices —— we’re not looking for a homogenous staff. We see great strength in diversity. We have a high value for fresh ideas and across-the-spectrum perspectives. We want our culture to be informed by people from different walks of life, regions, and upbringings.

Culture is important for several reasons:


Strong culture helps us attract, build, and retain a great team. Like our service attracts our customers, our culture attracts the amazing people we need to be able to serve those customers.


Culture happens. Whether planned or unplanned, every company has a culture. Why not be intentional about creating a culture that everyone in our company can impact, love, and protect?


A strong culture helps people deliver their best work. A weak culture causes employees to focus on negativity or politics rather than completing work and producing truly great results.


“Maximizing our opportunities without compromising our priorities.”

-Ron Regenstreif, Co-founder & Co-chairman of the Board, Regency Lighting


Our vision for our culture is to build a values-driven, people-centered company. That gets flipped in a lot of companies. Too often, the focus is on revenue growth instead of growth in the quality of each team member. We are committed to helping each member of our team become the best version of themselves.

Regency is full of opportunities –– opportunities for growth and promotion, opportunities to work hard, opportunities for improvement. The risk is that ambition for these opportunities will cause us to neglect our priorities —— our marriages, our friendships, our children, our responsibility to the communities around us. There is always a tension between opportunity and priority, and achieving a healthy balance is how we define success around here.

Our business is deeply rooted in this idea of being people-centered. It all begins with delighting our clients by making lighting easier. At the same time,  it is our team who takes care of our clients, so if we don’t take care of our team, they won’t be there to take care of our clients. Then we want to use our resources to care for the world around us —— committing to work with charitable organizations worldwide which help those in need.

Are you looking for opportunities to grow and a place to contribute? We are looking for candidates, and we’d love to meet you.

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