AllSale Electric style guide and asset downloads

We’ve created this page in order to provide up-to-date branding resource information, to make it easy to download any logo version you may need, and to illustrate how best to use (and not use) our branding resources.

AllSale Electric Logo
Current logo design for AllSale ElectricCopyright ©2015-2020 AllSale Electric

FULL PACKAGE OPTION: This button includes the AllSale Electric logo in all file types (.ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, .jpg, .png, and .tiff) and color options (CMYK, RGB, and Pantone). Please review the “readme.pdf” file included in the logo package to understand each file type, color option, and naming structure for each file.

CUSTOM LOGO SIZE OPTION: If you’re looking for a specific logo size, click the “custom logo size” button (this option only offers .jpg or .png formats)

Acceptable and unacceptable usage

Please review the images and notes below to learn the proper use for Regency’s logo.

When placing logo on a light background or solid color, use either the CMYK (C), black (K), or RGB (R), depending on which color mode you are working within your file.

When placing logo on a medium to dark background or solid color, use the white (W) version.

Use the solid crescent version only when a gradient cannot be produced. Example: when in stamp, vinyl, or other special forms.

Don’t add shadows, effects, or change orientation.

When resizing, only scale proportionately, never stretch or expand in any way.

Don’t use any previous logo designs. Please replace any and all previous versions you may currently be using.

Do not use any version that isn’t crisp and sharp. Avoid displaying in low resolution or poor quality.

Never position the logo in a self contained box, including when over a background.

Never use any color other than, our primary gray color, black-only, or white-only. For color details, please see our “color palette” section below.

Never separate the logo elements or use them individually.

Don’t resize any individual part of the logo. Only scale or resize the entire logo proportionately.

Don’t add elements within the clear space.

Clear space

Ensure there is adequate spacing when placing near other elements. Below is an example of measure for approved spacing.

Use the height of the “E” from “AllSale” to determine proper spacing when placing elements near the AllSale logo.

Brand Colors

A mix of corporate and accent colors

Primary Color

  • CMYK: 83 / 71 / 64 / 77
  • RGB: 37 / 40 / 42
  • HEX: #25282A
  • PANTONE: 426

Our primary branding color is used for our logo and is the default color choice for marketing materials.

Secondary Color

  • CMYK: 90 / 48 // 0
  • RGB: 0 / 114 / 206
  • HEX: #0072CE
  • PANTONE: 285

If needed, our secondary color is used as a color accent.

Additional accent colors

The colors listed below may be used as approved by AllSale Electric or Regency Lighting.





  • CMYK: 0 / 19 / 89 / 0
  • RGB: 255 / 199 / 44
  • HEX: #FFC72C
  • PANTONE: 123
  • CMYK: 0 / 72 / 98 / 0
  • RGB: 255 / 106 / 19
  • HEX: #FF6A13
  • PANTONE: 1585
  • CMYK: 0 / 100 / 79 / 0
  • RGB: 213 // 50
  • HEX: #D50032
  • PANTONE: 199
  • CMYK: 33 / 100 / 20 / 7
  • RGB: 153 / 30 / 102
  • HEX: #991E66
  • PANTONE: 7648



Medium Gray

Light Gray

  • CMYK: 70/ 75 // 0
  • RGB: 101 / 88 / 177
  • HEX: #6558B1
  • PANTONE: 2102
  • CMYK: 100 // 81 / 18
  • RGB: 0 / 134 / 85
  • HEX: #008655
  • PANTONE: 2245
  • CMYK: 21 / 11 // 23
  • RGB: 162 / 170 / 173
  • HEX: #A2AAAD
  • PANTONE: 429
  • CMYK: 4 /// 8
  • RGB: 217 / 217 / 214
  • HEX: #D9D9D6
  • PANTONE: Cool Gray 1

Often used for more generic, medium-toned color needs.

The option when needing a more generic, light-toned color.

Brand typography

A selection of approved typefaces for AllSale Electric

Typeface Options

We use the following two typeface families exclusively.

Proxima Nova Type Family

The Proxima Nova font family is our primary typeface and is preferred. It’s on Typekit, part of Adobe Creative Cloud. If you have an account sync the font below.

If you don’t have an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchase Proxima Nova here.

Lato Type Family

If you don’t have or aren’t interested in purchasing Proxima Nova, the Lato font family is our secondary option. It is open-source and available to download for free.

Or, if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account you can sync it here.

Thank you

for helping us keep our branding accurate and consistent

If any questions, reach out to us at

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