Title 24 Webinar

Need-to-know information on the California Building Code

Title 24 is a set of updates to California building codes that have a significant impact on organizations with operations in California. We encourage you to sign up for this exclusive webinar recording addressing Title 24 impact on lighting and controls.

Please fill out the form on the right to gain access. We’ve also included a link to download a Title 24 Brochure. Please feel free to share this or use as a reference.

Key questions discussed in the Webinar include:

  • What are the new lighting efficiency requirements?
  • What new controls requirements are required (automatic lighting shut-off, daylighting, etc.)?
  • When do these new rules apply?


Our lighting specialists can help you navigate the complexity of California’s Title 24 building codes. If you are unsure of whether the latest codes apply to you or need assistance in meeting the new code, we can help.

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